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Oct. 23
Changed Quick start
The old version of the page told to put comma between the values in the editors-file. This is now corrected to colon.

Intended audience

Webmasters wanting to
  • let their authors use ordinary HTML-editors
and still be able to
  • use tables not frames
  • get a common design
  • change design easily


  • Your users write plain HTML-documents.
  • You write a template.
This program combines the two to make a web-site.

The Website Generator is one program named wgen distributed under the Gnu General Public License.


Combine with other tools that provide
  • Checking of input-files
  • Tag-substitution on the html-code provided by the writers
  • Expansion and execution of embedded macros and code in the output (origination from the template).


Updated wednesday October 25. 2000 at 10:47
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