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      I could not find a tool that suited me:
I want to help others (like people in an organization) get on the web with some content. But I do not want to use to much time doing so.
Partial solution: Let the content writers use Frontpage or HoTMetaL or whatever tool they like, to write plain HTML-files.

Problems with partial solution:

  • All the pages end up looking a little different in design
  • Hard to maintain a navigation system
  • Hard to change design of all pages
Better solution:
  • Writers still write plain HTML-documents
  • Webmaster writes one template.html-file
  • In comes wgen and combines plain HTML-documents with this one magic template written by webmaster.
Problems with this better solution:
  • This solution fits one subset of all the interesting "let's get them on the web" situations, but will be wrong for most others.
  • Other problems? Yes, help me find them!


Updated monday October 16. 2000 at 07:46
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